Jaipur - The city of love

When one talks about romantic getaways, Paris or Switzerland are the first to come in mind but what if India’s very own ‘Pink City’ Jaipur with its royalty and grandeur attached to its name has been listed as one of the 25 most romantic cities in the world being at 18th position adding another feature to its glory. There is something in the air of the Pink city that makes it effortlessly romantic. It’s walls painted in red and pink, markets covered under the veil of bright sunny colors, the new striving with the old Jaipur brings something for everyone. It beholds the mixture of love, culture and remains from the past.There are forts, temples,luscious green gardens and street bazaars to explore hand in hand with your partner.

jaipur - city of love

Take a elephant ride to the Amber fort through the cities bustling and sultry streets will awaken all of your senses with its  rich culture and regal history and enjoy light and sound show at Amber. Let your loved one know what’s in your heart and mind while all the lights around you are lit bright.

Go for hot air ballon ride with the love of your life. Just imagine a scene where you are thousands of feet above the ground and soaking the beauty of Pink city with your loved one.

Watch the Polo match, the game of royals.

Nahargarh Fort ,definitely worth a visit. Located on the rocky ridge of Arravali hills,it offers the most striking view of Jaipur’s scenic landscape.During the night, when the entire city gets lit up, its sparkling view  from the windows of fort are just mesmerizing.

Visit Jal mahal , a dream like palace standing in the middle of a vast lake in the town of royals.

Walk through the Jaldhara water fountain and park ;have high tea at the Taj Rambagh Palace and ride a motorcycle upto Jaigarh Fort at sunset for unparalleled city views.

So whether its your honeymoon, anniversary, valentine’s day,wedding or just a surprise getaway, Jaipur is full of classical Indian heritage and balances a perfect amount of cultural sights and relaxation. This is an ideal place for couples who want to experience something completely new.

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