Mt. Abu Summer Festival

mt abu summer festival



Oasis in the deserted land of Rajasthan,a pilgrim spot,a land of serene lakes,waterfalls,green forests,stunning monuments-Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan as well as north west India which makes it a perfect spot for the summer festival. The summer festival is held every year during the month of may. It celebrates the warmth and cheerfulness of the people of the hill station-Mt. Abu who welcome the tourist from the depth of their hearts.

At the time of British rule in India, Mount Abu was one of the favorite summer destinations,since it was a kind of an escape from the heat of Rajasthan. So, it also become a famous summer resort for the kings of Rajasthan. Since then the people started this three day festival showcasing their colorful culture and tradition becoming the major source of entertainment for the tourists in summer. It offers ample time to the tourist to relax, enjoy and entertain themselves.


mt abu summer festival


This summer festival commences with the singing of ballad and proceeds with a ceremonial procession,which starts from the RTDC hotel SHIKHAR and gathers at the Nakki lake chowk where folk performances of Rajasthan and Gujarat are mainly organised.

Out of all the festivities the rowing competition at the Nakki lake is the most famous and the most awaited. The second and third days are more exciting and attractive since various competition and activities take place such as skating race,skaters show,camel polo, CRPF band show,boat race,horse race,tug of war, panihari matka race and an outdoor shaam-e-qawwali performnace in the evening adds to the extravagance. The audience is captivated by these mesmerizing vocalists from all over the country. People enjoy a host of dance styles of Rajasthan- ghoomer, daph, gair, kathputli, kalbelia, bhavai, countless Rajasthani food .and they also float hundreds of lighted diyas on the lake in the evening, which makes it an enchanting sight. The grand finale of the summer festival is a display of  dazzling  fireworks which catches the fancy of every tourist.

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