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There is something very beautiful about a little town in the heart of Rajasthan.  Sanganer.  Specked with colors all the time with the sun’s heat breathing down on earth, bobbed in bright colors pagadis, the printers walk through the sleepy village located on the edge of a broad river bank. Sanganer block printing dates back to the social upheavals of mid 17th century. The river banks of sanganer presented the ideal location with the added benefit of specialist dyers and cloth bleachers residing in the town. Historical block printing used wooden and metal blocks and carving them is an art form in itself. These blocks are used as printing plate. Once the block is finished artisans apply ink to the raised surface of the block. Then they transfer the ink to fabric or paper.

So, add a breath of freshness and serenity to your home and wardrobe with our beautiful block print bed sheets, diwan sets, curtains, table coverscushion covers, skirts, palazzos, salwar suits because we know home is where the heart is. The beautiful colors, prints, patterns, textures are what every home and wardrobe needs. Rajasthani block prints are mostly done on cotton fabric, giving a blend of various colors, prints on light base, perfect to give home and wardrobe cool and serene look this summer.

So, from our beautiful block print bed sheets to curtains and table covers, we have a whole range of stylish and elegant block prints. Go shopping!

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