Salasar Balaji


Shree Salasar Balaji is a place of religious importance for the devotees of lord Hanuman. It is around 170 kms from Jaipur. Here the idol of Balaji is different from all other idols of Lord Hanuman. The idol possesses round face with a moustache and beard. The temple was founded in 1759 by Sant Mohandas, who later took Samadhi near the temple to always be near his god.

Sant Mohandas came to live with his sister in salasar where he lived a life of devotion and prayer to his idol Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman once visited him in the form a sadhu sporting a mustache and beard, which is the reason for the bearded idol of Salasar Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman grated his wish and said he would live by his side in the form of an idol. Mohandas eagerly waited for the wish to come true.

In a nearby village a farmer was sowing his field, when his plough got stuck. On inspection he found an idol of Lord Hanuman. The lord told him the story and said he had come for his devotee Mohandas. Sant Mohandas in Salasar had seen all this and was happily waiting for his lord to come home.

The idol was hence founded in 1755, and the temple was finished in 1759 by his nephew Udayram, whose descendants are still the priests here. In 1794 Mohandas took Samadhi near the temple, making a stone pillar his witness. The Samadhi is a must visit for all the devotees visiting Salasar temple.

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Another astounding point in the temple is the eternal flame lit by Sant Mohandas, which has been burning ever since the temple was built. The ashes of the fire are supposed to cure all diseases of the body and mind.

The temple has grown a lot since the many years of its foundation. The temple trust now manages the whole complex, which has several devotee dharmshalas, kitchens, schools, medical facilities, markets, etc. Salasar’s markets are very famous for colorful bangles, rajasthani spices, churan, and kids’ toys.

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