Indigo Fever

 The brand Ethnic Rajasthan speaks for itself. Our trusted brand deals with premium home furnishing and life style products that represent a mixture of vibrant colors, royal ancestry and fine craftsmanship. 

Our friend Sarabjit Kaur ( has beautifully styled her room with our Cotton Double Bed Razai Quilt Indigo Patch Work matched with Cotton Curtain Indigo White Flower Dabu Print. The indigos in contrast with the walls really bring out the character of the room.

Ethnic Rajasthan indigo patchwork quilt

The quilt is handcrafted with upcycled patches sewn together in intricate patterns, and turned into cotton filled world famous Jaipuri Razai by our craftsmen.

Ethnic Rajasthan Indigo Dabu print curtains

The curtain (available in 5.5ft 7ft and 8.5ft length) has flowers dabu printed on cotton base, dyed in natural indigo. The thick cotton curtain will allow only some light to pass through, maintaining your privacy and adding brightness to your room.

Natural indigo dyes will always bleed color, although it will not get on other clothes but is advisable to always wash indigo colors separately. 

A great variety of traditional block prints, dabu prints and sanganer prints can be seen on our website and insta feed.


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