Beautifying Unexplored India with Ethnic Rajasthan

We were made a part of a wonderful experience by our friend Tushar Verma (@thewanderingpatronus), this was a really unique place our products had reached. Tushar and Paldan uncle beautifully decorated his house with our

Cotton Curtain Pink Green Floral Jaal Block Print

Here's the story as he told:
As most of you know, recently I went on exploring the largely unseen parts of Ladakh and ended up finding - Sapi. The place was so beautiful and also home to our Paldan Uncle, who currently at the age of 56, works as a cook at the Monastery.
He told me how he took a loan to build a homestay 2 years ago but no tourists showed up, due to which he couldn’t earn enough to keep it going. He couldn’t afford to decorate the rooms and build it the way he dreamt it.
After hearing his story, we reached out to Ethnic Rajasthan and decided to collaborate to help Paldan uncle decorate his rooms with the absolutely beautiful curtains sent to us by Ethnic Rajasthan
I believe that it shows a lot of character for brands to step up for such initiatives and I hope to see you all enjoying the incredible view outside and now inside (thanks to the curtains) the windows of Sapi.
Let’s support brands that support others ❤️

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