Bring the colours of Rajasthan into your home

Rajasthan is india's largest state, situated in the north-west region of India. It is known as a desert state, but there are very few places on the earth as colourful and rich in culture and heritage as this ' land of great kings '.  

Of the various specialities of Rajasthan its craftsmen are especially famous for their marble sculptures, wood furniture, semi-precious gem stones and jewellery, and bandhej, hand block, screen printing for textiles. These printing techniques create exquisite patterns and designs on the fabric which are then used to create home furnishings, apparels, and many other textile based products.  

Ethnic Rajasthan brings to you a complete range of home furnishings. Give your home a royal look with Rajasthan’s famous Block Printed Bedsheets, Sanganer Prints, Kantha Bedsheets, Patch Work Embroidered Bedhseets, Cushion Covers, Table Covers, Curtains, world famous Jaipuri Quilts, Jaipuri Dohars/ AC Blankets and many more. 

All our products are made from pure cotton and our either completely handmade or made by manual processes.



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